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How to Choose from Among Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Avid hunters will often hunt well into the night to satisfy their hobby with the darkness as their main obstacle in their success. Fortunately, modern science and technology have unlocked many of the secrets of night optics with the result being the wide range of night vision rifle scopes available in the market to choose from by these avid hunters.

These are simply rifle scopes that are equipped with the capacity to "see" into the darkness. As such, you can also use rifles and other types of hunting guns during the night with near-perfect accuracy as if you were hunting during the day. Of course, you must choose the right type of night vision rifle scope for your persona use and we have the steps to do so.

Price Range

First off, you must set your price range especially as rifle scopes equipped with night optics technology can be relatively expensive. Choices range from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars depending on the magnification power, resolution and other features. Keep in mind that, as with most products and services, you get what you pay for in night rifle scopes.

Distance Covered

Then, you should decide on the distance that the night vision rifle scope will cover in the course of its use. If you are a far shooter, then we suggest choosing a rifle scope with higher magnification. If you are a near shooter, then a low power scope is the better choice. Each one, however, has pros and cons especially where magnification and illumination is concerned - choose one over the other so as to narrow down your choices.

Type of Target

However, it is not just distance that you want to take into account when choosing from among numerous night rifle scopes. You must also determine the types of target in your sights so that the proper power of the scopes can be chosen. The following general rules in magnification apply in scopes with and without the night optics technology:

* Squirrels 4x magnification
* Varmints 4 to 12x
* Big game in dense environments 1.5-4x or 2-7x
* Big game in relatively open to wide open environments 3-9x or 2.5-10x to 4-12x or 6-18x

Time of Use

Your choice of a night vision scope will also depend on the time of use. We must note that there are three kinds of generations in rifle scopes with each generation corresponding to the degree of darkness in the environment where it will be used. The general rule is that the higher the generation level, the higher its "seeing" capability in the darkness. Thus, if you intend to hunt late at night, then go for generations 2 and 3.

Convenient Features

Also important in choosing the best night vision scope for your use is the presence of features that will make it more convenient to use the tool. Look at the sighting system accuracy, which can come in red and green. Look for push-button operation to improve usability. Look for removable infrared illuminator. Look for water and fog resistance.

In the end, the best night vision rifle scopes are the ones that can function in the most effective and efficient manner while on the field. It will be your personal choice so choose well if only to protect your investment.


Camouflage Comforter Sets: An Affordable Comfort

Camouflage comforter sets have recently gained much attention in the bedding industry. The camouflage comforter is now one of the most sold comforter patterns available for purchase today and its popularity only continues to grow and develop as time goes on. Something about the camo pattern just draws people to it, whether it is clothing, wallets, bags, backpacks, or anything. It's one of the most aesthetically enjoyed and regularly recognized patterns in the world, and certainly in the United States. This has given people a reason to make and market camouflage comforters, and ever since they have begun these have sold amazingly well. Today there are many different colors of sheets, comforters, pillows, covers and other bedding that has this pattern.

Luckily, for the many of you out there who are still looking to purchase camo bedding be it for your friends, yourself, or your family, all forms of camo bedding is cheaper than ever before. Camouflage bedding has been met with such demand that now any store that carries bedding will carry camouflage comforter sets for sale, and this competitive nature has led to a drop in price as the more sales the get, the more money they'll make anyway. It's a win to win situation where you can get nice looking and comfortable camouflage comforter sets for extremely cheap in comparison to some of the other more obscure patterns available today.

If you check your local mattress or bedding store, there is most likely going to be a deal on any camouflage comforter. If you are willing to spring on an entire camouflage comforter set you will typically save even more, as most retail outlets take a percentage off if you purchase an entire set. There really is no reason not to check around, get comfortable and nice looking bedding for cheap.

There are many patterns available for you to choose from when deciding on a comforter, and while camouflage is only one of them, it serves as an excellent and commonplace pattern for you to purchase. If you are in between or simply don't care about what kind of style your bed has, you just want something comfortable that looks nice, a camouflage comforter is the obvious choice. It can be found everywhere, even at most standard supermarkets now. If you are okay without getting an obscure and overpriced comforter, then why not pick one of the many camouflage comforter sets available today?

The cost is right, the design is traditional and can come in many different colors, and the bedding is comfortable. This makes the camouflage comforter one of the more accessible, and enjoyable choices for bedding available. There really is no reason not to purchase it over the other patterns out there.


Praises for and Success of Military Related EHR

On the 9th of April 2009 President Obama trumpeted the use of electronic health records for the military and the convenience of these records for veterans. This new form of organization for military records will start when someone enters service and will be transferred to the VA when appropriate. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense are coordinating this venture together. They are framing and compiling the Joint Virtual Lifetime Record.

The President explained that when someone is discharged from military service his or her military records would be electronically transferred to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA already has its own electronic health record system called VistA. Their system is broadly known to be a top electronic health records system in the U.S. This system has the ability to dispense to any hospital, health center or VA hospital worldwide.

President Obama also praised electronic health care in general as an advanced operation that provides doctor, nurses, and other medical personnel with the information they need to avoid medical errors and give the best care possible. The Department of Defense budget for health care includes $400 million dollars of which a part is for the electronic health system that will be shared with the VA.

The President isn't alone in praising EHR as related to Veterans Affairs. A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the early months of 2009 praise the VA's success in setting up an exhaustive EHR system. The Veteran's Affairs utilization of an EHR system has vastly improved the nature of patient care according to Dr. Ashrish K. Jha of Harvard University. Speaking for the authors of the study he emphasized VA hospitals have used electronic health records for more than a decade with dramatic associated improvements in clinical quality. The findings published in the medical journal were discussed at the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs site where more information can be obtained.

Meanwhile Nextgov reported on April the 10th of 2009 that the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington has reached success with testing of a health record system that lets military patients look at their data in the DOD's EHR. This was a test project and it will now include Navy National Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., plus a civilian hospital in Virginia that serves the military. This information was released at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's annual conference.

The huge success of the VA's electronic health records system points to the fact that it is time to modernize all health care records for everyone. When prestigious doctors have studied a system and say that it delivers a higher quality of records that in turn help health care professionals give improved health services, what else needs to be said? The VA's track record spans more than a decade; time has shown that a meticulous use of EHR tremendously improves the medical treatment people receive. Medical people should be meticulous anyway so this should be a great system for them to use.


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